Monday, July 13, 2009

Katy Trail bridge over Mockingbird

One of the most common questions we receive at the Friends of the Katy Trail is when the Trail will be extended out to White Rock Lake. We recently picked up the latest rendering of the bridge over Mockingbird that is part of this Katy Trail extension.

Before it gets to Mockingbird, the trail will run through Glencoe Park then between Hotel Palomar and Public Storage before hitting this bridge shows on the left. After crossing Mockingbird, trail users will circle around behind the Mockingbird DART station before following the DART line all the way to the White Rock DART station.

Check out the Friends of the Katy Trail's "Trail Tips" section of our website for more details and answers to all your other Katy Trail related questions.


Everlong said...

I went to a design meeting almost 2 years ago. I realized then that 2 years later no dirt would be moved, however I'm puzzled why there is so little online information about this project. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't find any dedicated place where this project is being track. Since your story says there is so many people asking about this project, I would suggest setting up a Project page and have volunteers post new information as it comes in. I'm offering my services to help keep relevant, update to date information available to your constituents. Thanks!

StartStop said...

Thanks for keeping this topic relevant Everlong... I've been an alternative transportation junkie for many years and I'm excited about these trails finally popping up around Dallas (Katy Spur to the Trinity, Santa Fe, Katy Trail, etc..) I'm on these trails before the concrete is pouring. I bicycle commute from the Trinity River to East Dallas/ W.R. Lake area daily, rain or shine. I have for years expiremented with various routes. It's neat to see some of these routes becoming trails. As I find out info concerning the Mockingbird Ped Bridge, I'll pass it along here, too!

laughingcat13 said...

just wondering if with all the controversy over the calatrava/trinity projects, what if he was set to linking up our trails? images something like this over 75.

pshaw said...

Although I'd like to see the Katy Trail connector bridge across 75 sooner than later, I can wait if it ends up being a "Wow" to drivers using 75.

Javier said...

The last info I've found is from 10/23/2009 at:

Wondering if these phases are still on schedule?