Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making the Temporary Trail Safer

In an effort to help you get past the $1.5 million construction project on the Katy Trail even easier and safer, the Friends of the Katy Trail asked Balfour Beatty, the contractor on the job, to widen the temporary trail a little near the TXU/Oncor tower. That work was completed on Monday, and a center strip was painted to also make it clear to everyone where they should travel around this zone.

The construction area is located between the bridges over Lemmon Avenue (eastbound) and Hall Street. It is scheduled to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Speaking of thanksgiving, thank you to all the donors who helped make this project possible, as well as all the members of the Friends of the Katy Trail who make an annual contribution that helps pay for the lighting and drinking fountains. If you use the Katy Trail, but are not a member, please become one today by clicking here.

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