Monday, July 20, 2009

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans Gain Momentum

Washington Post columnist Neal Peirce, a prominent journalist and urban thinker, recently focused his column on the need for improved bicycle and pedestrian connections in our cities. The column, titled "Biking and Walking: Our Secret Weapon?" highlighted the need for our country to stop building roads and bridges and instead spend more effort, and money, on building complete streets. Reasons to do so, Peirce said, include:

  1. Addressing the country's obesity epidemic
  2. Cutting down the amount of gas we use
  3. Reducing the amount of carbon we release into the air
  4. Improving the safety of our streets
  5. Making better connections to public transportation
Of course, the Friends of the Katy Trail has been trying to address these issues as well by completing the Trail, making more public access points so more people can use the Trail, and making connections so the Trail becomes a viable option for transportation as well as recreation.

Click here to check out Peirce's full column.

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