Friday, November 6, 2009

The lights are back!

Thanks to the generosity of several people and three civic-minded businesses, the 12 Katy Trail lights that were damaged by thieves are operating again. And at no cost to Friends of the Katy Trail or the City of Dallas! Let's shine a light on the people who made this possible.

Balfour Beatty is the contractor currently building Snyder's Union on the Trail. Ty Walton, project manager, offered the help of his electrical subcontractor, Prism Electric, when he heard about the damaged light poles.

Kyle Eastep, an electrician with Prism, quickly got involved assessing the damage. He alerted Blake Combs, the owner of Prism and a frequent user of the Trail, who agreed that Prism would donate its time to get the lights back in working order.

The folks at Prism contacted Graybar Electric, which donated the supplies needed, including a lot of expensive copper wire.

Kyle and a crew of eight electricians then went to work and got the lights back operating again in record time. They also installed stronger tamper-resistant plates on the light poles to deter thieves in search of the copper electrical wire.

Thanks to all of them for their generosity of time, expertise, materials and spirit!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Trail light poles damaged

In an attempt to take copper wire, thieves have damaged nine of the light poles on the south end of the Katy Trail near Reverchon Park. The culprits pried open base plates on the poles to access the wire. The result is that these light poles are not operating. Be aware that some of the lights are not working on the south end of the Trail and avoid that area after dark.

Friends of the Katy Trail is working with the City of Dallas to get the lights repaired as soon as possible.