Monday, July 27, 2009

Interesting adventures along the Trail

As summer comes to a close the kids’ summer camps start to end, but they still need something to do. Why not try geocaching? Even if you don't have kids but are looking for some adventure or a way to get to know Dallas and the Katy Trail better, try geocaching. So, what is geocaching?

Under going a revival in the spring of 2000 in Oregon (due to the Internet), geocaching is commonly referred to as a high tech game of hide and go seek. Participants use GPS or other tracking devices to find or hide small containers (caches) all around the world. Once participates have located or hidden the caches they can place the information and stories of their adventures online. Despite the international hunt only gaining in popularity nine years ago, there are over 800,000 cashes world wide. So the staff of the Friends of the Katy Trail thought they would see just what's hiding on the Katy and the surrounding neighborhoods. Check out the geocashing Website to discover all the adventures you can have.

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