Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

From Sunday’s New York Times: “An economics researcher at Washington University in St. Louis suggests that raising gasoline prices by $1 a gallon would reduce American obesity by 9 percent. Another study posits that if every American spent 30 minutes a day walking or cycling instead of driving, we would collectively cut carbon emissions by 64 million tons and shed more than three billion pounds of excess flab.”

Go to www.walkscore.com and type in your address to see how walkable your neighborhood is.

1 comment:

Spamboy said...

Unfortunately, my neighborhood is near the "Worst" end of the spectrum. That's what happens when you get up into the suburbs (McKinney).

As for the idea that obesity would decrease with a buck rise in gas prices, I'd like to believe that -- but with the spike in cigarette prices in the past years, how much as that really deterred smokers?