Monday, April 7, 2008

50 Ways to Leave Your Hummer

In honor of Tuesday’s “Travel Differently Day” we at the Friends of the Katy Trail would like to write a special song for you to help you “Travel Differently.” With sincere apologies to Paul Simon … hit it …

There must be, 50 ways to leave your Hummer.

Leave it out back, Jack;
You don't need a new toy, Roy;
Drive a sedan, Stan;
And set yourself free.

So hop on a bus, Gus
Get onto DART, Bart
Just take the train, Jane
Please do it for me.

Use a non-motorized scooter, Scooter.
Try taking the trolley, Dolly
Just leave your &$%# car at home for a day. It will help decrease emissions and the obesity epidemic … Shamemick.

OK, so the last line, or stanza, or entire song needs some help. So what would you sing?

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