Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why are there trucks on the Trail?

We know about the trucks on the Trail. It's ok, they're the company doing the installation of the lights. The company is putting in the conduit for all the lighting. We're looking forward to having the Trail lit to Knox Street by May 3. We need your help to fund the remainder of the lighting up to Airline Road, so please donate at


Billy said...

Is it gonna kill them to park on the side vs. right in the middle of the path?

A couple of days ago right @ Knox and the water fountain, one large truck was parked on the right side (facing Knox) of the path with its door open and twenty feet away from it was another truck and piece of machinery blocking the LEFT side of the path.

I had to zig-zag (running) around it and the trucks left no more than space wide enough for one person to squeeze by at a time....of course the bikers felt they had the right of way and were cursing everyone in sight for getting in "their" way.

Meanwhile there was plenty of room on the shoulders for the trucks.

Eric said...

The Friends of the Katy Trail is having a meeting with the contractor on site next week to correct this. Hopefully, they'll be mostly out of the way in the near future.