Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday's Incident Not Related to Trail

Local law enforcement officials are saying there is no connection between the incident Sunday in Highland Park and the Katy Trail.

According to a story Monday on WFAA channel 8, both Dallas and Highland Park police say the attempted robbery and shooting on Sunday in Highland Park is not related in any way to the Katy Trail. Police report a convenience store on Knox Street has been robbed twice in the last two month, and also report numerous burglaries of motor vehicles in nearby parking lots.

"We don't have a crime problem, that I would characterize it as such," Sgt. James McElroy of the Dallas Police Department told channel 8.


Spamboy said...

Try telling that to Channel 5. Their story prominently mentioned the Katy Trail by association, then ended with an interview of the bicyclist that was beaten there a month ago.

Gordon Sanders said...

I can't believe that most of the local media outlets (including channel 5) keep trying to associate anything within a 1/2 mile radius of the Katy Trail as "happening on the Katy". Why don't they include Travis Walk, or maybe Crate and Barrel? Once maybe our own National Inquirer (channel 5) will run an unbiased story, or at least one with better research.

Anonymous said...

The trail has become a staging ground for illicit activities at night. This doesn't seem to be getting the attention that it deserves. Lighting will be a plus, but patrols and strict curfew enforcement need to be enacted as well.

Friends of the KatyTrail said...

Dear Anonymous,

Dallas Police Department and Highland Park Police Department disagree, calling the Katy Trail “one of the safest places in Dallas.” Sgt. James McElroy of DPD elaborated saying “we don’t have a crime problem, that I would characterize it as such.”

Membership in the Friends of the Katy Trail helps augment police patrols by paying for off-duty police officers to patrol the Trail too.

Billy said...

I was in Houston visiting my family and a friend called me about the "latest" robbery on the Trail.

When I read the article in the Dallas Morning News (online) I called my friend and said...."It wasn't on the Trail, the media is just trying to use a scare tactic using the Trail as its backdrop."