Monday, February 11, 2008

Robbery in Highland Park

There was a robbery Sunday at an apartment that backs up to the Katy Trail. It's an unfortunate incident that isn’t really related to the Katy Trail. As a City park, the Katy Trail is closed after dark while many restaurants and bars in the area are open at that time of night.

Safety is an important priority to the Friends of the Katy Trail. We're working on establishing a Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) program, as well a signage plan to identify emergency locations on the Trail. The chair of our Safety Committee is actually the head of Dallas Police Reserves, and he’s working on a plan to make the Trail even safer.

Don’t forget, the Friends use membership contributions to augment DPD patrols by paying for off-duty bike patrols, so we need your help to keep the Trail safe. If you're not a Friend yet, click here to join today.

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Gordon Sanders said...

There are a group of inline skaters that would love to participate in a VIP program. Check out the Pegasus Flyers, I am sure that we can get some volunteers together to "watch" the trail.