Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Deserve VIP Treatment

You wear sunglasses at night to protect your eyes from the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. . . You live on the side of the velvet rope others only dream of going to . . . You always score the best table at the hottest restaurants . . . and you want everyone to know you're a VIP at the Michelob Ultra No. 11 Katy 5K, but how can you do that?

Brand new this year is VIP Registration for $100. Sound steep for a 5K? It's not. It's the best value in town because it includes access to VIP area before and after the 5K with your own catered food and drink, a 2009 Friends of the Katy Trail membership, 5K entry, and a cool, limited edition Katy 5K running hat. As a bonus, it's limited to 150 participants. So sign up today!


Anonymous said...

Is the Swine gonna threaten the race?

Friends of the Katy Trail said...

No. The Center for Disease Control has said the flu is not serious, and has even told schools to re-open.