Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Question of the Month

Last month we asked you what you would spend federal stimulus funds on. The power-brokers down at City Hall must have been listening because the Council approved the submission of a $21 million grant request to finish the Katy Trail-Trinity Strand Trail-Coombs Creek Trail corridor. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Feds like our trail plan, too. The grant will be submitted by the City in late summer.

However, paying the $1 million ransom to Dr. Evil isn’t part of that grant request, so the whole thing may be moot if he’s successful in his quest for world domination. But you were concerned enough to make Dr. Evil the third-most popular answer, and we appreciate that.

Here’s this month’s question:
What are you planning to do for Earth Day and/or Arbor Day this year?

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