Friday, March 20, 2009

Grafitti on Bridge Goes Bye-Bye

The City of Dallas Park Department gave us a big hand this week by painting over the graffiti that had defaced the bridge over Lemmon Avenue last weekend. Thank you to all the folks in the Parks maintenance division who helped get rid of this eyesore.


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently they came back. The City needs to paint this over just as quickly as these idiots tag it...they also tagged alot of the actual trail and made sure to tag the expensive 1/4 mile markers too....I'd LOVE to catch someone doing that. Is it gonna kill the City to patrol the Trail late @ night?

Anonymous said...

I just finished walking the Katy Trail and I reported to 311 City of Dallas some more graffiti on the Fitzhugh bridge. The handrails were tagged and south of there was some more on the sidewalks and inlaid mile markers.

It might not hurt to call 311 again and report it more than once.

Anonymous said...

Look @ the distance in which this latest assault of tagging on the Trail leads north and south of the Lemmon St. Bridge....obviously, these people walked the trail a good 3/4 mile in each direction with spray cans and apparently nobody even noticed....again, it goes to show that you can pretty much get away with anything on the Trail if you are out there in the middle of the night....POLICE patrols please...not just for the taggers but for all the other crap that goes on out there under the cover of darkness...turning the lights off @ night only exacerbates the problem(s).