Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Katy Trail Extension to White Rock

Here's the latest schedule we heard from Public Works recently:
  • Early 2009 -- Complete funding for bike-ped bridge over Mockingbird connecting Palomar to Mockingbird Station; and get approval from City Council for contract with HNTB to design bridge.
  • April 2009 -- Begin construction of Trail from McCommas bridge through Glencoe Park, and from Warcola behind Kroger to Skillman.
  • Mid 2009 -- Complete design of Trail from Skillman to White Rock Station.
  • Late 2009 -- Begin construction of Skillman to White Rock Station section.


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Anonymous said...

Any status update on the White Rock extension? Above info seems pretty old.

Javier said...

This presentation from 10/23/2009 has some nice details: