Friday, December 19, 2008

Help ID Hit-and-Run Driver

At 3:55 p.m on Wednesday a Trail user was hit by a car while crossing Knox Street. The vehicle was a late 1980s dark gray Honda Accord sedan traveling east on Knox toward Central Expressway. The driver was a white male approximately 25-35 years old, had a goatee and was wearing a ski-cap. The Trail user was running south and cars in both directions had stopped to let them cross when the driver in the Honda went around the stopped cars and into the intersection.

Fortunately, the runner was able to jump into the air, striking the car's windshield and hood, which likely has a dent in it now. The driver then yelled at the runner to get off his car, before making an obscene gesture and driving off.

Should you see a vehicle in the Katy Trail area and/or a driver matching this description, please write down the license plate number and contact DPD by calling 911.


stu42j said...

This is exactly why trail users should always yield to cars at these intersections. The trail has stop signs - Knox Street doesn't. Just because one car stops doesn't mean that others will.

Anonymous said...

Stu, the offending driver/car went AROUND the stopped car by going into the on-coming lane. The runner did NOTHING wrong.

stu42j said...

Whether fault lies with the runner for not following traffic signs, the car for not yielding to pedestrians, or the designers for building a confusing intersection was not really my point.

If you are a trail user and you want to be safe - don't rely on the cars to stop. You are much better off stopping and waiting for the intersection to clear. The entire Katy Trail only has two at-grade crossings anyway so it is not like it is that much of a burden.

Billy Young said...

I was the guy hit by that car...and for Stu's information, I did stop. Traffic stopped in both directions and I waited to cross until it appeared all had stopped....I waved a "thank you" to the car to my left, turned to wave @ the car to my right and right about then, the Honda honked it's horn @ the stopped car, gunned his car around the RIGHT side of the stopped car and came out into the intersection where he hit me.

Oh and by the way, even though I do stop...PEDESTRIANS have the right of way...even if we have a stop sign.

Also, for the record, there were 3 people who saw me get hit. A woman sitting @ the bench @ Knox...a young male stretching just on the north side of Knox and a middle aged man walking North right around where the water fountain is before you cross over Knox @ the parking lot behind Lamps Plus.

The middle aged man did come over and ask me if I was okay....I broke the guys windshield and dented his hood too.