Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Katy Trail Days - Pub Crawl - Tomorrow

The Katy Trail Days Pub Crawl, always a favorite, is Wednesday 6-8 p.m. This year's Crawl features seven different stops in the West Village.

For only $50 ($35 for Katy Trail members), you'll get to be a part of the crawling action. Start at the Fish and then make your way to Cork, Cru, Grimaldi's, PescaBar, Social House and Tom Tom. Ready to sign up? Click here.

Still not convinced that you want to come out and play on a school night? Ok, just for you, we're putting together rockin' gift bags. You'll get a limited-edition Katy Trail Days T-shirt and lots of goodies from the West Village, so come on, register today.

Wow, still haven't registered. You're a tough egg to crack, so we're going to give you some insider information.

Nobody should pay $50 for this pub crawl. Why not? Members of the Friends of the Katy Trail only pay $35. Just call us at 214-303-1180 or email office@katytraildallas.org for the code. Not a member, no worries, you still don't have to pay $50. Take advantage of our special $10 membership offer, then call us for the member discount code, register for the pub crawl for only $35, and you've only come out of pocket $45.

Wait, wait, it gets better. That $10 membership makes sure your Trail stays clean, safe and beautiful, and gives you something to write off when Uncle Sam comes calling in a few months. Like we said, don't pay $50 for this pub crawl.

So do it now. Click here to register and we'll see you on Wednesday night at The Fish.

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