Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Need some free mulch?

As we approach spring in Texas, it’s getting near the time to put fresh mulch on your landscape – and on the Katy Trail. Mulching is a great way to beautify your landscape, but it is also beneficial because it conserves moisture and reduces weed growth. The best time to apply mulch in established bed areas is mid-spring when the soil temperature has warmed up enough for sufficient root growth.

To mulch, cover the area with one to three inches of mulch. And if you need some free mulch, one of the Katy Trail’s biggest supporters, Arborilogical Services, uses 100 percent of the wood debris from all the trimming and tree removal they do to create mulch.

If you want some free mulch, give them a call at 972-442-1524 and make arrangements to go pick some up at the shop in Wylie. They also deliver to areas nearby for a reasonable price.

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