Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Drilling Done . . . for Now

The drilling to install the lighting pedestals on the Katy Trail has stopped for now. The contractor has 78 of the pedestals in place, the last one just south of Armstrong. The lighting contractor has said they will not drill again until next Monday, March 31.

The contractor is now working on locating conduit to each pedestal and determining how much electrical wire will be needed to go from one to another. They have dug around each marked pedestal on the south end and left open some holes with exposed irrigation PVC. Please use caution when you’re near these locations.

And please be sure to steer clear of the drilling rig when it’s on the Katy Trail starting again next week. The Friends of the Katy Trail will post signs marking areas that would be hazardous for you to enter.

We appreciate your patience as we make the Trail safer for everyone.


Anonymous said...

What is with the parking lot at Knox? Is it done? Are we waiting for a child or a dog to break a leg on that coned out surface?

Friends of the Katy Trail said...

The parking lot at Knox is still under construction and has cones and signage indicating that the lot is closed. The "coned out" surface will be filled in with gravel so it will be safe to park and walk on the new surface when it is completed. We hope the resurfacing will be done in the next few weeks and then the parking lot will be open.