Thursday, September 4, 2014

Playing it Safe

We to do what we can to keep the Katy Trail a peaceful resource for our community to enjoy, but we need your help to keep it clean and safe. Two things that have come to the forefront lately are unattended children and over attended cats.

We don’t have anything against kids or cats, but they both have their place on the trail. If you bring children out on the trail, please keep a watchful eye on them. Too many times we have seen joggers and bikers dodging kids who have crossed over to their path. And it’s not just kids using the trail, the problem also occurs near the trail at plazas or restaurants nearby. If you stop to rest or grab a bite to eat, please make sure that your child knows to stay out of oncoming traffic. You wouldn't let your child play in the street, so please don’t let them play on the trail.

As for the cats, we have been working with Dallas Animal Services, Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance and local veterinarians on implementing a TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program. To date, more than 45 stray cats have been caught, spayed or neutered and then released back to the trail. With help from the community the population will reduce and become less of a nuisance. We are asking our neighbors along the trail to not feed the cats unless they have talked to our office. Food should never be placed on the trail or within 10 feet of the trail, and it should never be left to sit for hours. Cat food on the trail creates a hazard for trail users and attracts more cats and other unwanted animals. If you see anyone not cooperating, please direct them to our office. We can’t control the population unless everyone complies. We are extremely grateful for the Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance and their volunteers who have been working hard to manage the problem and funding the expense.

Thank you all for your cooperation. New signs have been placed on the Katy Trail this week in trouble spots to remind everyone to be good stewards of the trail. 


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the signs work. The cooperative effort has not to date

Anonymous said...

What about headphone wearing walkers & runners??? Isn't that how the girl died 2 years ago?????

While promoting good bicycle safety & use w/ the trail is needed, what about the walkers & runners who wear headphones w/ their music blasting?.., especially at dusk, dawn or when its dark - ie 5:30am

I bike commute daily on the trail, I wear a helmet, no headphones, have 6-8 lights on my bike & use a loud bell, as well as calling out loudly 'ON YOUR LEFT' to alert all ahead. I do NOT do any speed training.

Far too often, even when I'm within 5 feet of someone that's got their earphones on, using my bell & calling out 'On your Left', they still can't hear me!

So in the dark of the morning, a person listening to music can have 2 major sensory abilities knocked out. All they have to do is walk into an on coming path of a cyclist & wham, their head hits the concrete.

Its simple physics - object going faster hits other object going slower. The cyclist only needs to be going 5mph or so (which is quite slow for a cyclist) to severely harm an unsuspecting runner/walker, & they'll fall quickly to ground, hitting their head, just like the girl did in 2012.

I see signs for 'do not feed the cats', the dangers of exercising w/ your pet in the heat, or donate, however, Nothing about being aware of one's surroundings & safety about using the trail, even after this poor girl's death 2 years ago. Did we not learn anything from her death????

Anonymous said...

There's an older gentleman that feeds the cats everyday at 5:15am. If you want to stop the cat problem, you'll need to talk w/ him.

It seems like most all the cats come out for their morning meal with him.

I bike communte at that time in the morning & afternoon. I don't see any other people feeding the cats aside from him.