Friday, August 9, 2013

Katy Trail Up for Adoption

Earlier this year we were approached by William Addy of ISN on how his company could do more for the Katy Trail. It all started back in October when Mr. Addy had donated to our Annual Support Campaign.  Several of his staff saw his name recognized on a thank you banner on the Trail and told him how much they appreciated his generosity. After realizing how many of his staff were avid Katy Trail users he knew he wanted the company to do more to not only benefit the Trail, but to also teach his staff the importance of community philanthropy.

After several discussions it was decided that ISN would the first organization ever to adopt a portion of the Katy Trail – mile markers 104-108 to be exact. Over the next 4 years ISN will donate to the Katy Trail to help maintain the area. Four signs have been installed between these mile markers to recognize the generous donation from ISN. We are grateful for ISN for this generous donation and hope that their initiative sparks interest from other businesses and donors to adopt their own portion of the Trail. For more information, please contact our office at 214.303.1180.

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