Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Bicycle speed is a major safety concern on the Trail. Cyclists need to exercise restraint when using the trail, monitor their speeds and practice safe biking. 

New radar signs are being installed on the trail in two locations: near the Fairmount bridge and south of Blackburn.

Their purpose is to remind cyclist to keep their speeds down, be safe and share the trail with pedestrian foot traffic.

Please help us keep the trail safe for everyone to use!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine this doing much good. The people going too fast already know how fast they are going and are doing it on purpose. I could also see this having the opposite effect with people intentionally trying to get the highest "score".

EV said...

This is addressing only part of a bigger problem. Like: People walking dogs with very long leashes; young girls walking next to each other taking the whole lane and sometimes half of the incoming lane. When I ring my bike bell or tell them I'm going to their left, they act surprised and sometimes bothered that I interrupted their conversation; also the men and women with their ipods/iphones on and totally unaware of their surroundings. Finally, groups of people who just stand there socializing and talking to each other in the middle of the trail. And God forbid they move when they see a bike coming...

Anonymous said...

Simply put, the trail is not fit for bicycle training, but even using the trail to commute can be bothersome for a cyclist. It would be great if there were more signs that promoted trail etiquette since it seems that Katy Trail attracts many casual users.

Anonymous said...

What about headphone wearing walkers & runners??? Isn't that how the girl died 2 years ago?????

While promoting good bicycle safety & use w/ the trail is needed, what about the walkers & runners who wear headphones w/ their music blasting?.., especially at dusk, dawn or when its dark - ie 5:30am

I bike commute daily on the trail, I wear a helmet, no headphones, have 6-8 lights on my bike & use a loud bell, as well as calling out loudly 'ON YOUR LEFT' to alert all ahead. I do NOT do any speed training.

Far too often, even when I'm within 5 feet of someone that's got their earphones on, using my bell & calling out 'On your Left', they still can't hear me!

So in the dark of the morning, a person listening to music can have 2 major sensory abilities knocked out. All they have to do is walk into an on coming path of a cyclist & wham, their head hits the concrete.

Its simple physics - object going faster hits other object going slower. The cyclist only needs to be going 5mph or so (which is quite slow for a cyclist) to severely harm an unsuspecting runner/walker, & they'll fall quickly to ground, hitting their head, just like the girl did in 2012.

I see signs for 'do not feed the cats', the dangers of exercising w/ your pet in the heat, or donate, however, Nothing about being aware of one's surroundings & safety about using the trail, even after this poor girl's death 2 years ago. Did we not learn anything from her death????