Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Board Members

At December's Board of Directors meeting, The Friends of the Katy Trail board and staff paid tribute to our four outgoing board members for their many years of service. While Cissy Carr, Howard Sutton, Craig Reynolds, and Keith Nix were all honored with gifts officially thanking them for their service, we could never put into words our gratitude for the dedication and time these individuals committed to this organization.

While we say thank you to our friends who are leaving the board, we also welcome five new members to the Board of Directors. Please welcome: Robert Bartzokas, Mary Beecherl, Paula Blackmon, Chuck Dannis and Charles Gale.

Also, the David Stocks Award was given to David Demarest. The award is given annually to one board member in recognition of outstanding work for the Katy Trail.

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