Monday, August 16, 2010

Knox Street intersection changes aim to improve safety

Safety all along the Katy Trail is a concern of the Friends of the Katy Trail. That’s why our non-profit organization continues to work with the City of Dallas to improve safety where the Trail intersects streets.

Katy Trail users have probably noticed some changes at Knox Street. The City of Dallas has installed yield signs in the middle of that intersection to remind drivers to exercise caution there. Also, the adjacent traffic lanes have been re-striped to promote safe driving.

Although the motorists on Knox Street have the yield sign, Trail users should remember that they have a stop sign on the Trail. Everyone traveling through that intersection – whether they are on foot, bike, skates or in a car – should take extra caution when crossing. Don’t worry about who has the right of way. Show concern for your safety and the safety of others. Slow down, be aware and then proceed. It’s the common sense approach.

Monitoring safety at the Katy Trail-Knox Street intersection is an ongoing process. Other changes may be made in the future to that intersection and the Knox Street corridor to promote vehicle and pedestrian safety.

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