Friday, February 5, 2010

Spring is near

That means that crews will be on the Katy Trail fertilizing to help promote healthy growth on the trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers. The Katy Trail uses organic fertilization methods, which employ ingredients that are a bit fragrant (to put it politely). So if you smell something a little odd on the Trail during the next week or so, just know that it's nature at work getting ready for spring blooms and leaves.


Michael A said...

Why doesn't the Katy Trail Website provide a more in depth set of safty guidlines for using the trail by all participants? Particularly identifying appropriate and inapporpriate behavior for pedestrians, runners, roller bladers, and cyclists? Additionally, why isn't there signage on the trail that does the same?

This is something that is severely lacking, and which could go a long way toward improving everyone's safety and experience while using the trail.

I was on the trail last night after work. It was quite crowded (not a bad thing), but it was more or less a free-for-all of people doing their own thing with no sense of awareness of what's going on around them. There were a lot of dangerous situations created by people in all activities (not just cyclists) that could easily have been avoided.

I feel that the Diretors of the Friends of the Katy Trail need to step up efforts to improve this situation before someone get's seriously hurt.

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