Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're Going Worldwide

ABC News Travel did a cool story about Dallas - "Designer Purses and $10 Enchilada Plates," and they just happened to mention your favorite Trail. So while designer purses may not look quite right on the Trail and an enchilda plate will have you wanting to walk it off on the Trail, you can still check out the story and all the other recommendations here.

Oh, and a blog in Kolkata, West Bengal, India picked it up too, so we're well on our way to world trail domination.

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Deborah said...

I'd like to run a column on my blog about the Friends of the Katy Trail - general overview, what's needed now, etc...with a quote from someone on your team.

Someone from the "Friends" replied to my blog at www.DallasCondoLoft.com recently because I mentioned the Katy Trail in my 8/12/09 blog (re: condos close to the Trail).

If your organization is interested, please contact me at Deborah.Kestel@gmail.com.

Best Regards, Deborah Kestel