Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turf Tales

At the end of this month, Moore Lawn and Garden will adjust the mowing length of the turf on the Trail in order to remove damaged blades. Now, because Moore Lawn and Garden understands that healthy turf makes Katy Trail users happy, they will be adjusting the height by one setting over a two week period in order to ensure that the turf remains healthy. Even more exciting news is that Moore Lawn and Garden is a good friend to the Trail and has recently gone green! They now recycle their lawn and garden waste and now use burlap bags, which are more eco friendly than trash bags. So next time you travel down the Trail, be sure to admire the beautiful and healthy turf and remember that your membership helps to pay for upkeep of the Trail.

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Anonymous said...

What a great releif to know that Moore Lawn and Garden, the selected maintenance contractor for the Katy Trail care, is a "green" company concerned about our environment. In talking with Ken Fischer, the Director of the Moore Lawn and Garden company, he also informed me that they also use a wonderful organic / safe compost tea fertilization spray program that is unique to his company and is phenomenal in it's results. In addition, he said, it also will help control the web worm problems in our trees.
Congrats to the Katy Trail for selecting such a concerned and professional group to care for our wonderful Trail and environment.

Kudoos ----- the tree hugger