Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All the Way to State!

Ok, so the Katy Trail didn't make it out of the "Sweet 16," but in D Magazine's Best Things in Dallas Tournament we made a completely respectable showing before being beaten by High School Football.

In the first round, we were up against the 6th Floor Museum (a very cool museum and Dallas landmark that everyone should visit). The round of 32 proved pretty challenging when we were up against West Village, but you made sure we came out on top. Unfortunately, we were up against High School Football in the Sweet 16 and, this being Texas, we understand why High School Football won.

After the Katy Trail executive director heard about our defeat and wallowed in sorrow, he said, "High School Football is going all the way!" Click here to help High School Football go all the way or to root for Snuffer's Cheddar Fries because we know you'll need to run on the Katy Trail after eating them.

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