Friday, January 25, 2008

Resolution Clarification

We’ve gotten some questions about one of the Katy Trail resolutions we emailed out last week, so we want to clear things up. In clarification to Katy Trail Resolution #2, “Do not use the Trail after dark,” we realize that the evening is often the best time for most people to use the Katy Trail. However, the difference between “after dark” and “after work” is key. In fact, that is why we applied for, and received a $600,000 grant to install lighting on the Trail. Now people will be able to use the trail whenever they choose.

That being said, the lights will turn off around 10 or 11 p.m.—when the park will be closed. Like any Dallas park, we do not do not recommend use after that “after dark” point. (Seriously, some of the Friends don’t even like going to Target alone when it’s dark. Do you like going anywhere when you’re alone and it’s dark? Nope, so that’s why you can avoid going on the Trail when it’s dark)

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